1/2-a-bot Academic Robotic

1/2-a-bot Academic Robotic

That is the 1/2-a-bot. (pronounced Half-a-bot). I developed it as an attention-grabbing means for my college students to find out about management methods and programming. The teachings are arrange as modules and every module is damaged up into sub sections to make it as simple as potential to finish every step. Modules include movies and classes. I made a decision to host the tutorials and wanted recordsdata on the net utilizing in style internet hosting platforms in order that the scholars can work independently ought to they wish to. I additionally peppered in some hyperlinks to exterior tutorials and movies to encourage the scholars to do extra analysis on their very own.

I discovered that BASIC is far simpler for college students to begin programming with so I made a decision to make use of the superb compiler Nice Cow BASIC for eight bit PIC and AVR micro controllers and I extremely suggest you test it out.

There’s sufficient data given within the GitHub repository do you have to wish to construct your personal.

If the intro video sound like a industrial it’s as a result of I hope to take it additional than my school and introduce it to extra faculties, schools, maker areas, universities and so forth.

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Step 1: Set up Nice Cow BASIC and Set It Up.

Obtain Nice Cow BASIC and set up it. It must be set as much as work with the 1/2-a-bot boot-loader and the required drivers and setup must be finished. Since that is extra a showcase and never a full instruct-able I cannot go in to the boring particulars. The directions is on the YouTube channel and Google docs do you have to need extra particulars.

Step 2: Solder the Board.

You’ll be able to take a look at the Lesson or watch the video…

Every step is defined.

Step three: Construct the Chassis With the Bumpers, Program It and Watch It Go…

Right here is a few images of the bumpers and among the early prototypes.

The video appears to be like extra like “robotic abuse…”

Step four: Add OLED and Line Following Sensor

After putting in an OLED for suggestions and constructing and putting in a line sensor, the 1/2-a-bot will be capable of observe a line. Some experimentation is required to get it to work.

Step 5: TO THE FUTURE !!

The 1/2-a-bot is much from completed. I’m engaged on modules so as to add odometry, sonar, Bluetooth management by way of android, gyroscope, compass, grippers and much tons extra.

The chassis is even Lego, Arduino and Raspberry pi suitable.

Thanks for studying my put up.

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