30 Acronyms All Internet Builders Ought to Know

The jargon of the net improvement trade accommodates so many acronyms we’re utilizing day in and time out, that it’s not solely daunting for novices, however typically additionally onerous for working towards builders to observe. Most of us safely use extra frequent acronyms similar to HTML, CSS, or HTTP, however what concerning the much less broadly used or newer ones?

On this glossary, we’ve collected 30 acronyms which might be steadily utilized in at the moment’s net improvement articles and discussions with a view to assist our readers sustain with the modern trade lingo.

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Accessible Wealthy Web Purposes: typically additionally used as WAI-ARIA.

Internet requirements revealed by the World Extensive Internet Consortium (W3C). The ARIA specification defines totally different front-end methodologies that make net content material accessible for disabled folks who entry the net with assistive applied sciences (AT), similar to display readers.

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Atomic Cascading Type Sheets: a CSS writing methodology developed by Yahoo.

ACSS relies on reusable, single-purpose (Atomic) courses and quick, predictable class names that make it attainable to fashion straight the HTML. Atomizer is a instrument that may assist generate Atomic courses for net tasks.

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three. AMP

Accelerated Cellular Pages: a cell net normal initiated by Google with the aim of making cell websites quicker.

AMP restricts how we will use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a view to enhance efficiency, and it gives us with Parts we will use to load exterior sources and run scripts through the AMP runtime.

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four. API

Software Programming Interface: a set of pre-written code options (properties, strategies, courses, and so forth.) specified by the writer of the API, that assist us use greatest practices and write constant code.

We will select from many net APIs, however social media and know-how websites, similar to Fb, Twitter, and Google additionally publish their very own APIs.

5. BEM

Block, Aspect, Modifier: a naming conference for writing readable, constant, and maintainable CSS courses.

When utilizing the BEM methodology, we create courses all through the entire mission that follows the block__element--modifier syntax.

  • Blocks are the names of standalone entities, similar to menu or button.
  • Parts are totally different elements or functionalities of the blocks, similar to success or alert.
  • Modifiers change the fashion of blocks, similar to massive or small. As an illustration, .button__alert--large can be a legitimate BEM class title.

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6. CDN

Content material Supply Community: a community of distributed servers that retailer duplicate copies of our net content material.

CDNs enable us to ship content material to every consumer from a server that’s nearer to their location or much less overloaded. This manner we will obtain higher efficiency and scale back server downtime.

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7. CMS

Content material Administration System: a software program that permits us to publish, modify, and manage totally different type of digital content material.

Most CMSs are used for net publishing, similar to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. CMSs separate content material from presentation and performance, subsequently make it attainable to handle net content material with none coding information.

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eight. CRUD

Create, Learn, Replace, Delete: a time period utilized in database administration, it accommodates the 4 fundamental features of a persistent database.

In SQL, the 4 associated instructions are: INSERT (for Create), SELECT (for Learn), UPDATE (for Replace), and DELETE (for Delete).

CRUD features describe the typical information life cycle on dynamic web sites.


Cascading Type Sheets Object Mannequin: a set of APIs utilized by browsers to correctly render CSS kinds on an internet web page.

The CSSOM represents all CSS kinds (selectors and their properties) on an internet web page as a map of nodes. CSSOM has an identical tree construction to DOM, but it surely’s a separate information mannequin.

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10. CTA

Name-To-Motion: a advertising and marketing time period steadily utilized in net design.

A CTA is a message directed to customers or potential prospects to take a direct motion. In net design, CTAs are often dressed up hyperlinks that goal to entice customers to click on a button, banner, commercial, and so forth.

11. DOM

Doc Object Mannequin: an API for HTML and XML paperwork, utilized by browsers to render these paperwork.

The DOM specifies the logical construction of a doc, and represents it as a node tree through which nodes are objects that symbolize totally different elements of the doc. Nodes will be created, modified, and eliminated.

12. ECMAScript (ES)

European Pc Producers Affiliation Script: a scripting language specification on which the syntax of JavaScript – together with JScript and ActionScript – relies.

ECMAScript bought its title from the European Pc Producers Affiliation, the group that standardized it.

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13. FOSS

Free and Open-Supply Software program: a software program that’s free within the sense that it doesn’t have any constraints on copyrights, and open-source within the sense that anybody can entry and modify the supply code of the software program.

Generally additionally known as FLOSS. See GNU‘s stance on the FOSS vs. FLOSS terminology.

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14. FTU

First Time Use: the primary time a consumer masses a software program after set up.

FTU is an important a part of the app adoption course of. Consumer retention charges will be improved if consumer onboarding is correctly designed. Throughout FTU we will present how an app works, or make customers set vital choices (time zone, language, preferences, and so forth.).

15. GUI

Graphical Consumer Interface: a sort of consumer interface, versus command-driven interfaces.

A GUI makes it attainable for customers with out technical information to work together with a software program with out studying command languages, similar to MS-DOS. GUIs use graphical icons and a visible language to allow customers to provide instructions to the applying, and to take inputs.

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16. IDE

Built-in Improvement Atmosphere: Aa software program software that gives us with a programming setting that integrates totally different instruments wanted for improvement & testing, similar to a supply code editor, construct automation instruments, a compiler or interpreter, and a debugger. Xcode, Eclipse, and Visible Studio are examples of IDEs.

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17. IIFE

Instantly Invoked Perform Expression: a preferred JavaScript design sample that creates a lexical scope.

An IIFE is a perform expression that’s executed instantly after it’s evaluated. It may be used for storing code that must be executed solely as soon as, namespacing, and creating personal variables and closures.

An IIFE makes use of the next syntax:



Inverted Triangle Cascading Type Sheets: a scalable CSS structure for reusable CSS code.

ITCSS splits CSS properties into ranges based mostly on their specifity and significance. The degrees are represented as an inverted triangle through which specifity will increase from the flat prime to the tip on the backside.

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19. JSON

JavaScript Object Notation: a language-independent, human-readable information format for interchanging information.

JSON can retailer objects as collections of name-value pairs, and arrays as ordered collections of values. Its syntax is much like JavaScript’s, that’s why it’s the commonest information format in JavaScript-based functions.

20. LAMP

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl: a preferred net stack for creating dynamic web sites.

The LAMP stack consists of Linux as working system, Apache as net server, MySQL as database administration software program, and PHP, Perl or Python as scripting language. Its Home windows variant is known as WAMP, whereas its OS X variant is MAMP.


Left To Proper / Proper To Left: phrases utilized in internationalization

LTR and RTL are locale properties of the language or nation settings of a UI. LTR stands for Left To Proper, RTL stands for Proper to Left. They point out the route of the textual content.

Most languages are LTR and interfaces are often designed for them, however you possibly can simply add RTL assist to most CMSs, similar to to WordPress with the rtl.css file.

22. MEAN

MongoDB, Categorical.js, Angular, Node.js: a JavaScript-only net stack for creating dynamic web sites and net functions.

The MEAN stack consists of the MongoDB NoSQL database, the Categorical.js net software framework, the Angular.js frontend framework, and the Node JavaScript runtime, and it runs on any working system.

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23. MVC

Mannequin-View-Controller: An architectural sample utilized in object-oriented programming.

The MVC sample retains the information logic separate from the consumer interface by grouping objects into three teams: Mannequin Objects for the underlying information construction and logic, View Objects for the consumer interface, and Controller Objects for appearing as middleman between different objects and for activity coordination.

24. OAuth

Open Authentication: An open protocol that makes safe authorization attainable in a protected and standardized manner.

OAuth is steadily used as a way for enabling customers to log in to a website utilizing third-party companies, similar to Fb, Twitter, or Google – this manner eradicating the barrier of registration.

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25. OOP

Object-Oriented Programming: A programming paradigm versus procedural programming.

In OOP, we create fashions much like the real-world setting by making use of 4 main rules: abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance & polymorphism. On the centre of OOP, there are objects that maintain encapsulated information within the type of properties and strategies.


Common Expression: A textual content sample used for matching character combos in several strings.

Regex makes it attainable to simply search sure sequences of characters in a textual content, and to validate consumer enter. Regex is a part of many fashionable programming languages, similar to JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and others.

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27. REST

Representational State Switch: A set of software program design architectural tips for information transmission between consumer and server. Following the rules of the REST structure, we will create RESTful APIs for our net functions.

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28. SCM

Supply Management Administration: a system for managing a number of variations of the identical doc, software, code, or different type of data. Additionally referred to as model or revision management administration.

SCM makes it attainable to preserve monitor of adjustments, and stop data loss. The preferred SCM methods are Git and SVN.


Scalable and Modular Structure for Cascading Type Sheets: A CSS writing methodology that permits us to modularize CSS code, and make it extra readable and maintainable.

SMACSS defines 5 varieties of fashion guidelines (base, structure, module, state, theme), and identifies them with totally different selector prefixes.


What You See Is What You Get: A sort of content material editor that permits customers to edit textual content, photographs, and different content material sorts with out writing any markup.

In a WYSIWYG editor, customers can see how the top outcome will appear to be whereas they create the content material. The put up editor interface of WordPress and most running a blog platforms are good examples of WYSIWYG methods.


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