A Retro Gaming Console for the New Technology

A Retro Gaming Console for the New Technology

Ostensibly the ESPboy is an open-source hackable sport engine constructed as an IoT platform for STEM training and play, however there’s no method [RomanS] may have been impressed by something apart from retro gaming consoles from the close to previous. For anybody who grew up taking part in with Tamagotchi pets or Palm Pilots, this mission goes to be a serious throwback.

The Saint Petersburg-based microcontroller hobbyist makes use of a ESP8266 microcontroller to construct a sequence of modules for various sport play modes, together with a TFT show, GSM telephone, MP3 participant, GPS navigator, FM radio, and keyboard module. He has plans to construct much more modules, together with a LoRa messenger and thermal digicam, to actually increase the system’s capabilities.

Because the board has built-in WiFi, firmware might be uploaded to the machine with out a wired connection and compiler. The character of the mission makes the board suitable with the Arduino IDE and Micropython, which makes hacking the software program even simpler.

A TP4056 battery charging module fees the LiPo, though relying on the battery capability, the charging present (set by the R3 resistor on the controller) does require some change. A MCP4725 I2C DAC is used for clean driving the LCD’s backlight. With the intention to lengthen the battery life, the battery controller makes use of sleep mode to periodically get up to measure and ship knowledge, which permits it to increase its battery life with out exterior energy. There’s additionally transistor pushed buzzers that present a little bit further suggestions to the consumer when taking part in video games, full with a variable resistor to regulate the sound quantity.

Quite a few free pins run alongside the periphery for connecting to different modules, together with pins for GPIO extension, sensor adapters, connectors to addressable LEDs, and an extension slot for actuators. For anybody inquisitive about making their very own model of the ESPboy, the PCB schematics are accessible on-line.

Tasks just like the Arduboy have proven that a small microcontroller-based sport system might be equal elements enjoyable and academic, so we’ve been excited to see extra of these kind of tasks popping up in the course of the course of the 2019 Hackaday Prize.

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