[bobulate] lives!

[bobulate] lives!

Nicely, it’s been an extended six-to-eight months. However [bobulate] is again,
and a number of the pent-up running a blog wants are able to be unleashed
on Planet KDE and wherever else.

Late final 12 months there have been some hiccups with my internet hosting supplier, which
led to SSL points. These have been solved, and I carried on with the prevailing
internet hosting. Then in february or so the MySQL server on the internet hosting supplier
went down, and I filed some tickets, grumbled a bit, and figured it
would resolve itself. In spite of everything, this weblog isn’t a staggeringly essential
piece of web infrastructure, and I may let off notifications
by means of the Calamares bulletins
for my main work, and thru Twitter for KDE packaging on FreeBSD.

And february dragged on into april, could, with no decision of the problems
in sight, after which a letter arrived from the Dutch web authority
saying that my hoster was now not an official registry and that my
domains have been now floating round.

That’s when some type of panic struck – though ultimately I solely
misplaced one among them to a domain-hijacker in Hong Kong. I’ve switched
internet hosting to a different Free-Software program-friendly place, switched out WordPress
for the a lot easier-to-manage Jekyll, and might be re-building the archives
as I’m going alongside.

To justify having this on the Planet, let’s speak a bit of about
Free Software program.

  • Calamares,
    a Linux system installer utilized by a bunch of boutique
    (specialised) distro’s, continues chugging alongside. I made a decision this
    spring to attempt to stick with a two-week launch cycle, as a way to
    get issues out the door – any issues – slightly than grind although
    a set milestone. That’s labored fairly effectively, getting small and
    incremental enhancements out the door a lot quicker – though
    the massive stuff nonetheless takes a very long time to work out.
    I’ll be sticking to this schedule after summer season holidays.
  • KDE-FreeBSD
    continues to hum alongside, Tobias is doing many of the work whereas I’m busy,
    however collectively we handle to maintain the packaing up-to-date with all of the
    newest releases.
  • I wrote a bit of meeting-management bot
    for Matrix, primarily based on what I
    bear in mind from the IRC channel #koffie from EFnet lengthy, way back.

Summer season trip’s been talked about. After these holidays, it’s september,
and so

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