The Hound lastly got here nose to nose along with his brother.

Picture: Helen Sloan / hbo

By Kellen Beck

Spolier alert: This text comprises spoilers for Sport of Thrones Season eight, episode 5.

Cleganebowl lastly occurred, and in contrast to numerous different moments within the last season of Sport of Thrones to date, this one was satisfying.

Whereas King’s Touchdown was being beset by dragon hearth, Sandor and Gregor Clegane met on the crumbling steps of the Pink Hold for one last combat, brother in opposition to brother, Hound in opposition to Mountain, chaotic good in opposition to chaotic evil.

It was a second that Sport of Thrones followers have been ready for — the Mountain lastly assembly his  simply ends for his evil deeds by the hands of his brother who he tormented and burnt, perpetually scarring his face and his psyche.

They weren’t alone at first, however the Hound rapidly took care of the three accompanying queen’s guards and the Mountain tossed his Dr. Frankenstein determine Qyburn down the steps, smashing his head and killing him immediately. Cersei, sensing the dramatic finish to the characters’ arcs, received proper out of there, leaving the 2 brothers to combat to the demise whereas the image of the united kingdoms of Westeros collapsed round them.

The combat was cathartic and dramatic because the Hound hacked away at his undead brother, his new putrid visage revealing the monster that he was all alongside.

There was a second the place it appeared prefer it was throughout for the Hound because the Mountain grasped his brother’s head in his arms and started to squeeze, pushing his fingers into the Hound’s eyes in a scene that mirrored the Mountain’s iconic combat with Oberyn Martell — the combat that left the Mountain dying in agony due to Oberyn’s poison spear and led to his resurrection as an undead guard for the queen.

The Hound shoved a dagger by way of his brother’s head, however when that wasn’t sufficient to kill him, he charged at him like a bull, sending the Cleganes off the stairway and into their fiery deaths beneath.

It was a becoming finish for each characters as Sandor, having stated good bye to Arya Stark moments earlier than the combat, had accomplished all that felt he wanted to do in life, utilizing his final moments to take Gregor with him. The Hound, symbolically born in hearth when his brother shoved his head into flames when he was a toddler, died in hearth as he introduced his brother with him.

Every thing in Sandor’s life led him to that second, and it was a becoming second.


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