One commenter stated they put YouTube within the background for only a minute to answer to a textual content. By the point they returned to YouTube — on an iPhone 11 Professional — it had already reloaded and misplaced the video they had been watching. Different individuals had comparable experiences and complained that YouTube retains refreshing each time they pause what they’re watching. Equally, Nick Heer of PixelEnvy stated his Messages and Safari apps stored refreshing each time he foregrounded them. “Safari cannot maintain even a single tab open within the background, each app boots from scratch, and utilizing iOS feels prefer it has regressed to the pre-multitasking days,” he wrote.

A bunch of comparable complaints had been additionally posted on Apple’s help discussion board, Reddit, Twitter and different avenues. Coping with a bug that impacts your skill to multitask on a telephone may be extremely irritating, particularly if in case you have one in all Apple’s costliest units. We have reached out to the tech big for an announcement and can replace you after we hear again.


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