Cutter 1.eight.three Is Launched (open supply GUI for reverse engineering)


  • Up to date radare2 to
  • Case Insensitive ASM search (#1612)
  • Enhance hex choice portray and proper click on habits. (#1602)
  • Implement Enhancing and Viewing of Sorts within the Sorts Widget (#1597)
  • Enhance Graph Overview Fill and Node Colours (#1596)
  • Implement Search to begin/finish of operate Shortcuts (#1589)
  • Primary Block Spotlight (#1533)
  • Conceal duplicate and cross-function edges. (#1582)

Fixes and Modifications

  • Rename dialog textual content is now preselected (#1635)
  • Disable asm.movlea by default (#1630)
  • Repair asm.describe typo (#1629)
  • Transfer graph header to GraphWidget. (#1628)
  • Preliminary refactoring and enchancment for Meeting Choices Dialog (#1627)
  • Disable modification buttons for builtin coloration themes (#1615)
  • Repair crash on theme version (#1614)
  • Repair Console Font for some Platform Themes (#1610)
  • Do not increase unsynced widgets. (#1609)
  • Take away Reminiscence Widget Pointers and Toggle Actions
  • Refactor Format Save and Restore Characteristic (#1538)
  • Use right character width for hexwidget (#1607)
  • Reset breakpad to buildable commit (#1605)
  • Repair def. Cutter particular Colours for Customized Themes (#1606)
  • Interface theme and theme options refactoring (#1598)
  • Mix Set-As menu objects (#1601)
  • Take away default Shiboken2 executable in qmake proj (#1600)
  • Sync hex.pairs eval to “Bytes as pairs” in Hexdump (#1586)
  • Added pure registers sorting in RegistersWidget (#1591)
  • Repair reminiscence leaks discovered by ASAN. (#1590)
  • Make the shadow choice wider in hex (#1584)
  • Replace hex facet panel solely when seen. (#1578)
  • Repair PNG iCCP errors (#1583)
  • Repair QToolbutton coloration and offset in mild theme. (#1579)
  • Take away tab type modifications in native type sheet. (#1565)
  • Lock Core in CutterCore::loadScript() (#1581)


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