Feather Plus Blackberry Equals Open Supply Fauxberry

Feather Plus Blackberry Equals Open Supply Fauxberry

The keyboard is a superior technique of enter, however so far nobody has actually discovered the way to make a keyboard for small, handheld electronics. You could possibly use tact switches, however that’s annoying, or you can use a contact display. The best choice we’ve seen is definitely a Blackberry keyboard, and [arturo182] has the very best instance but. It’s a small handheld gadget with a display, keyboard, and WiFi that’s able to do something possible. Consider it as an Open Supply Fauxberry. In any case, we wish it.

This challenge is definitely a breakout board of types for the Adafruit Feather system, and subsequently has assist for WiFi, mobile, or just about another networking of connectivity. To this clean canvas, [arturo] added an accelerator/magnetometer sensor, a single Neopixel, and naturally the gorgeous Blackberry keyboard. This keyboard is hooked up to an ATSAMD20G, a microcontroller with a complete bunch of I/O that interprets key presses into I2C for the Feather.

Apart from that, there’s additionally a huge display to show absolutely anything you’d need in a conveyable computing gadget. There’s nonetheless a bit extra work to do on this challenge, most notable determining the place the battery goes, however [arturo] is growing every thing in a livestream, someting we like to see because it actually places a concentrate on how a lot effort goes into making customized .

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