Guinness Pot Pot Putt Putt Steam Candle Boat

Guinness Pot Pot Putt Putt Steam Candle Boat

Welcome to my “ible” #42.

My 1st try and construct a pot pot boat. I’ve see numerous totally different designs on YouTube and there are additionally numerous tutorials, very helpful… (thanks for that, by the best way).

I’ve by no means totally appreciated the ultimate outcomes, so I’ve determined to make mine, solely from Guinness Draught tin cans (my favorite beer). Please #drinkaware and simply when you’ve got the age required by the regulation in your individual nation.

If Guinness desires to sponsor, me sending me a couple of “samples”, it shall be greater than welcome. 🙂


For this “ible” you want:

2 cans of Guinness

28cm brass tubing 4mm diameter



scissor for metallic

epoxy glue


electrical tape


sandpaper 120 grits

Sugru Glue

Epoxy glue

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Step 1: Constructing the Hull

Utilizing Google, kind hull for pot pot boat, you will discover an instance you’ll be able to print and use to construct your individual one.

I made additionally a prototype, constructed utilizing paper, to have a tough concept how the boat would have been, however later I’ve modified my thoughts, as a result of I’ve realized placing a cylinder on it, would have instantly remind the can of beer.

Be extramely cautious once you deal with/lower the tin cans as a result of the sides are sharp as razors!!!

Anyway, going again to the cylinder, I’ve lower a bit of 12cmx15cm.

Utilizing the black electrical tape, I’ve joined the two sides collectively.

Step 2: Minimize and Bend the Brass Tube

Utilizing the hacksaw lower the pipe so as to have 2 tubes lengthy 14cm.

After this step, bend them, utilizing the desk and a pair of plier.

Utilizing the sandpaper, sand the brass tubes, on this approach once you’ll apply the epoxy glue you will have a greater bond.

Make 2x 4mm diameter holes within the stern (again) of the pot pot boat and a pair of within the cylinder you have simply made.

On this approach the bent tubes could have a little bit of help, protecting the boiler extra steady.

Step three: Construct the Boiler

Step 1 – Minimize a rectangle 18cmx9cm and fold it in half. Do not push it onerous, in any other case you will tear the metallic compromising irremediably the seal.

Step 2 – Mark out 1 cm line round one half of the boiler.

Step three – Fold it in half and fold the tabs on either side as properly.

Step four – Minimize off the surplus tab, leaving one lengthy tab alongside the underside.

Step 5 – Slide the tubes 2cm contained in the boiler, slicing the underside tab alongside all sides of the tubes.

Step 6 – Sand all the perimeters of the boiler and, utilizing numerous epoxy glue (use disposable gloves once you deal with it), create a thick layer round them, being certain that the tubes are utterly surrounded by the glue, creating a very good seal.

Full this job giving a delicate squeeze (utilizing the pliers) to the tabs beforehand lower, with out ripping the metallic.

Throughout this job, bear in mind that numerous epoxy will squirt out of the boiler, due to this fact do that course of on a bit of disposable cardboard.

Let the glue set for 24 hours.

Step four: Constructing the Quill

To provide extra stability to the boat, I constructed a quill, slicing 2 items from the tin can, following the form of “The Harp”.

I additionally put a 2 penny coin in between and I glue the two items collectively.

I made 2 tabs glueing the quill on the backside of the pot pot boat.

On this approach I’ve lowered the centre of gravity.

Step 5: Mild a Tealight and Wait…

Utilizing a syringe, prime the boiler with a little bit of water, pushing the water in one of many tube.

Preserve the boat flat throughout this course of and wait, till you will see the water popping out the 2nd pipe.

Mild a tealight positioning it precisely beneath the boiler and wait…

it takes a couple of minutes earlier than the water will begin to boil.

In the mean time, watch the video about my earlier failed try.

Step 6: Guinness Pot Pot Boat at Full Steam!

Take pleasure in it!

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