What you will be constructing

On this tutorial you will hook up a bodily push button in order that pushing it adjustments the on or off state inside the LimitOS internet utility. Mixed with different tutorials, you may then push a bodily button and switch one thing else on and off throughout the web.


Raspberry Pi linked to the web

Circuit supplies: push button, breadboard, wires, 10okay ohm resistor

Step 1: Set Up the Circuit

Join the button to GPIO pin 17, and floor it utilizing a 10okay ohm resistor.

Step 2: Set up LimitOS on the Raspberry Pi

Set up is a single command:

curl -sS https://limitos.com/set up | bash

Comply with the on-screen directions to register the system afterwards.

Step three: Set Up the System on the LimitOS Web site

After registering your system, you will be on the LimitOS web site at https://limitos.com . From there, go to your system by clicking “My Units” and deciding on your system. Then add pin 17 as a digital enter, and you’ll push the button and see the on/off state on the LimitOS webpage.