New Half Day: A 64-Bit RISC-V CPU In Raspberry Pi Hat Type

Over the previous couple of years the open-source RISC-V microprocessor has moved from current solely on FPGAs into actual silicon, and proper now you should buy a RISC-V microcontroller with all of the bells and whistles you’ll ever need. There’s an attention-grabbing chip from China known as the Sipeed M1 that includes a dual-core RISC-V core working at 600MHz, a bunch of I/Os, and since it’s 2019, a neural community processor. We’ve seen this chip earlier than, however now Seeed Studios is promoting it as a Raspberry Pi Hat. Is it an add-on board for a Pi, or is it its personal standalone factor? Who is aware of.

The Grove AI Hat for Edge Computing, as this board is named, is constructed across the Sipeed MAix M1 AI Module with a Kendryte Okay210 processor. It is a dual-core 64-bit RISC-V chip and it’s clearly the star of the present right here. Along with this chip you’ve additionally acquired just a few Grove headers for digital I/O, I2C, PWM, and a UART. There’s a a USB Kind C for energy (lastly we’re getting away from USB micro energy plugs), and naturally a 40-pin Raspberry Pi-style header.

This board is basically a breakout board for the Sipeed M1 chip, which is without doubt one of the most attention-grabbing new microcontrollers we’ve seen because it launched late final yr. There’s loads of energy right here, and already persons are emulating the Nintendo Leisure System on this chip with nice success. The issue with this chip is that other than making your individual breakout board, there aren’t many choices to get it up and working shortly. That is the answer to that; on the very least it’s a Sipeed chip on a board with an influence provide, and it’s additionally a co-processor that may be accessed with Linux and a Raspberry Pi.


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