‘OK Boomer’ Is the New Retort To Older Generations

‘OK Boomer’ Is the New Retort To Older Generations

‘OK Boomer’ Is the New Retort To Older Generations (nbcnews.com)



from the old-vs-young dept.

Teenagers are more and more utilizing the phrase “OK boomer” to fireside again at older generations’ criticisms. Slashdot reader ItsJustAPseudonym shares an excerpt from an NBC Information article: In latest months, the phrase “OK boomer” has change into a typical retort within the elements of the web inhabited by teenage and younger grownup customers. On Instagram, the phrase seems as a hashtag alongside memes and paintings mocking the older era. On Twitter, the phrase is hurled at somebody for making an outdated assertion. And on TikTok, the place it’s arguably essentially the most prolific, it seems in paintings, audios and make-up tutorials as a method to mock an older era, and the hashtag has been seen on the platform 18 million instances. […] The phrase is a end result of annoyance and frustration at a era younger individuals understand to be worsening points like local weather change, political polarization and financial hardship. The 10 teenagers and younger adults who spoke to NBC Information concerning the phrase mentioned “OK boomer” marked a boiling level for Gen Z and youthful millennials, who really feel pushed round or condescended to by older generations.

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