Open-Supply Arm Places Robotics Inside Attain

In November 2017, we confirmed you [Chris Annin]’s open-source 6-DOF robotic arm. Since then he’s been bettering the arm and making it extra accessible for anybody who doesn’t get to play with industrial robots all day at work. The largest enchancment is that AR2 had a closed-loop management system, and AR3 is open-loop. If one thing bumps the arm or it crashes, the bot will recuperate its earlier place routinely. It additionally auto-calibrates itself utilizing restrict switches.

AR3 is designed to be milled from aluminium or solely 3D printed. The motors and encoders are managed with a Teensy three.5, whereas an Arduino Mega handles I/O, the grippers, and the servos. Within the demo video after the break, [Chris] reveals off AR3’s spectacular management after a short robotic ballet wherein two AR3s transfer in hypnotizing unison.

[Chris] arrange a web site with the code, his management software program, and all of the STL information. He additionally has tutorial movies for programming and calibrating, and wrote a particularly detailed meeting handbook. Between the positioning and the group already in place from AR2, anybody with sufficient time, cash and willpower might in all probability construct one. Take a look at [Chris]’ playlist of AR2 builds — persons are utilizing them for images, welding, and serving ice cream. Did you construct an AR2? The excellent news is that AR3 is totally backward-compatible.

The AR3’s grippers work nicely, as you’ll see within the video. In case you want a softer contact, strive emulating an octopus tentacle.

Thanks for the tip, [Andrew]!


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