Podcast interview with Maureen Herman, former bassist for Babes in Toyland

Our pal Maureen Herman, former bassist for Babes in Toyland, and a frequent contributor to Boing Boing, is the visitor on the most recent episode of the Hey Human podcast.

From the episode’s description:

Maureen Herman, former bassist for Babes in Toyland, is a author and musician who isn’t any stranger to exhibiting you her scars. She’s candid about the place she’s been, the place she’s heading and the way onerous she tries to remain within the second. Humorous and fascinating, Maureen has managed to channel her creativity right into a drive that, I would enterprise to say, has acted like some type of centripetal pull to maintain her on the planet. She endured loads, in all probability greater than most of us would have been capable of deal with. Someplace in her mad-genius is a delicate sweetness that attracts you in, however do not underestimate her. I am fairly certain she sleeps with one eye open. Her new ebook drops July 2020, and the title says all of it; It is A Memoir, Motherfucker.

Picture: Bene Riobó [CC BY-SA four.zero], by way of Wikimedia Commons


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